Gloucestershire Pubs & Breweries is a website aiming to document and give the history of all the pubs and breweries, past and present, in the county. It is a pure labour of love by two fellow real ale and pub enthusiasts, Geoff Sandles and Dave Hedges.

The old county of Gloucestershire extended into the area that is now known as South Gloucestershire, so pubs in the old County of Avon are also included.

Can you help us? We need more images, photos, and your memories of your local pub. It would be great to get as much put on this website as we can, before memories fade and are lost forever. Geoff also collects brewery and pub related items. If you have anything of interest please let him know.

If you can’t find what you are looking for try the help page or Contact Geoff.

Foxhill Inn, Stow Road, near Guiting Power. Image David Hanks.

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