West End Ale & Porter Stores, (318)High Street, Cheltenham

In 1858 the Landlord was Henry Beams, by 1878 the Landlord was John Jakeway. I believe the patrons of this establishment were quite cosmopolitan including women of ill repute and pickpockets, like most of the pubs in this area at that time. The pub was demolished in the early 1880s. This was to widen Ambrose […]

Hill End Off-licence (Dix’s), Twyning, Tewkesbury

Western Daily Press, 8th August 1980 – Mr West’s Diary “Why it’s last orders for Ellenor, 73”: Granny Ellenor Dix, 73, has a kitchen bulging with booze. Her living room and larder, too, are well stocked with beer, cider and wines. And any neighbour who knocks on her front door is sure to be offered […]

Keepers Arms, Cold Aston

Cold Aston is sometimes known as Aston Blank. An inn had opened at the south-east end of the village on the road to the Foss way by 1842. Called the Keeper’s Arms in 1856, it closed in 1959.  Licensing details: Owner in 1891: Tayler & Co., Cotswold Brewery, Northleach Rateable value in 1891: £12.16s.0d. Owner in 1903: […]

Plough Inn, Cold Aston GL54 3BN

Email received December 28th 2001 from Bill Thornhill. Geoff, my father Harry Thornhill was landlord of the Plough Inn in Cold Aston 1953-1979. I was about eighteen months when we moved to the pub and I grew up in the village until I moved away as a teenager. Although we had electricity, water was a […]