Gloucestershire Pubs and Breweries Disclaimer LogoAlthough every effort has been made to give accurate information about the pubs and breweries on Gloucestershire Pubs & Breweries website, there will inevitably be some details that are wrong and possibly misleading. We try our best to get it right but if the original source of information has been incorrectly researched, that mistake will be perpetuated in good faith onto the descriptions. We welcome feedback if we have got things wrong or if you can add any further information.

We aim to describe each pub that is still trading without bias, but our love of real ale and good traditional pubs will inevitably favour those that we tend to frequent. We make no apologies for that. 

Within the pub descriptions there are thousands of landlords listed, from the 18th Century up to the present day. If there are ex-landlords of recent times that are named on the website and wish to be removed I will gladly delete them on request. 

Finally the website has thousands of images and archive photos. Where possible a credit is given to the original photographer or image owner. The internet is a fantastic resource for seeking more images and I have shamelessly pinched countless archive photos from the web. It is almost impossible to give credit to the rightful owner, but if your image does appear without rightful permission I will either remove it or give you the deserved credit.  Similarly, should you wish to copy images from this website… and I probably can’t stop you… it is always courteous to give credit to either myself or the Gloucestershire Pubs website.

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