Regent Place was on the northern side of Swindon Road between Dunalley Street and the LIdl’s store.

On an 1820 map Regent Place is shown to be off Orchard Place.  Positioned only a few yards away from the Cheltenham Original Brewery it is interesting to note that the White Horse was once owned by two Stroud Valley Breweries – first Godsell’s & Sons in 1891 and then the Nailsworth Brewery. (1903). Nailsworth Brewery was amalgamated with the Cheltenham Brewery in 1908 There is a .reference to the White Horse Inn, 11 Swindon Road in the 1939 Kelly’s Directory.

Godsell & Sons of the Salmon Springs Brewery near Stroud were the owners of the White Horse Inn in 1891. It was a licensed beer house with an annual rateable value of £15.5s.0d. According to the records of the petty sessional court in 1903 the ownership had been transferred to the Nailsworth Brewery. The change of ownership from Godsell’s to the Nailsworth Brewery is intriguing – why should Godsell & Sons sell the White Horse to their rivals? The annual rateable value increased slightly by fifteen shillings to £16.0s.0d. in 1903.

Landlords at the White Horse include:

1851-1871 Joseph Ward (Premises described as beer house)

1878 H. Browning (listed incorrectly as White Horse, Regent Street)

1891 William George Raikes

1903 Henry Charles Surman

1939 Mary Ann Florence (11, Swindon Road)

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