Gloucester Journal, November 1787: On Friday evening, one Ann Flavel, was committed to the city prison, for stealing five silver spoons from Mr Pitcher, of the Swan & Falcon.

The Swan & Falcon is recorded at 16 Longsmith Street in 1927, 1939 and 1957. A photograph taken in the early 1960’s shows the pub sign which reads: ‘Swan & Falcon. Fully Licensed. Stroud Brewery’s Cotswold Beers’. At that time the Swan and Falcon was a popular venue for live music. One of the bands to regularly play there were the Trespassers. George Babbage , lead singer with the local group, said: “The Swan & Falcon was packed with people and the music was raw and loud.” Another local band to play at the pub were the Mystics. They played in the pubs skittle alley and on one occasion the temporary chipboard floor which the band had placed over the surface to facilitate dancing was a cause of much embarrassment as women’s stiletto heels got embedded in the temporary surface. The Swan & Falcon also had a successful darts team In May 1960 a new world record was gained when a score of 1,000,001 was achieved in 17 hours and 34 minutes.   The site of the pub is now occupied by the Longsmith Street  multi-storey car park. 

The site of the Swan & Falcon
Courtesy Geoff Dyer

Landlords at the Swan & Falcon include:

1830 John Bagley (Swan and Falcon, Bolt Lane)

1879 Anne Vick

1885 Charles Watkins

1893 E.J. Smith

1902 Joseph Bayliss

1906 Mrs Margeret E. Bick

1919,1927 Edward J. Smith

1936 T.E.F. Deakins

1939 G.C. Frith

1957 A. Worrall

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