The Victoria County History says that it had opened at a cottage on the main road east of Churchend by 1746. Tidenham rate books for 1773 describe it as being at Stroat.

The Sugar Loaf was sold in December 1819 for £320. The inn was on the opposite side of the road to the ‘roundhouse’ and was closed by the widow of the solicitor T.H. Morgan, who died on January 11th, 1889. Mrs Christina Morgan was an active teetotaller and built a Memorial Hall at Woodcroft. Her daughter Emily built a Temperance Hall at Strout. There is no mention of the Sugar Loaf in the 1891 licensing records.

Landlords at the Sugar Loaf include:

1773-1774 Richard Tyler

1775-1786 James Gunter

1789-1791 Edmund Lewis

1792-1799 Widow Lewis

1855-1863 Charles Young

1867 A. Allwood

1868 – Turner

1871 John Collier

1887-1888 Walter Lewis

1888-1892 James Clutterbuck

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