Richard Fox was the owner of the Stonehouse Inn in 1891 and 1903. It was licensed as a beer house and was free from brewery tie. The annual rateable value was set at £17.0s.0d. in 1891 increasing by four pounds and five shillings to £21.5s.0d. in 1903.

The Stonehouse was brewing its own beer in 1883 when W.P. Kilminster is listed as the brewer. G Cummings provided materials for Home Brewed Beer.

The Stonehouse Inn was directly opposite the brewery buildings in Henrietta Street and was one of the closest pubs to the Cheltenham Original Brewery. Despite that the above photo shows that it sold beers from (at that time) the rival Flowers Brewery in Stratford on Avon.

Courtesy Michael Wilkes

It was a popular but basic pub with the most popular beverage being Bulmers Cider drawn direct from the plastic barrel.

The Stonehouse Inn was demolished in the early 1980’s and for many years the empty site was overgrown with weeds. The site has now been developed as a Holiday Inn Express – a brand new six storey 132 bedroom £7.5m development which opened in the Spring of 2008.


1870 William Apperley

1878 William Kilminster

1883 W.P. Kilminster – listed as a brewer in 1883

1891,1903 Alfred Ryland

1939 W.K. Leonard

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