The Sailors Home first opened as a hostel and it may not have held a license. It does, however, appear in an 1859 reference. In 1871 it became the Southgate Vaults.

Daniel S Cooper wrote to the editor of the Gloucester Journal in 1870 in response to a decision made by the licensing authorities that the license of the Dial Inn in Southgate Street should be refused rather than that of the nearby Sailor’s Home. He wrote: “I merely wished to draw a comparison between the two houses in question, which are only a few doors away from each other. The one notoriously bad – license continued. The Dial, with perhaps the exception of the latter part of a late tenant’s occupancy, always respectably conducted – license refused.”


1859 James Brown

1869 William Schollar (Sailors House – William moved to the Whitesmiths Arms)

1870 Benjamin Schollard

1870 (March) Henry Evans

1870 Edwin Edwards

1879 J. Withers (superintendent)

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