The exact location of the Miners Rest is not known at present, although it is known to have existed off New Road in Breams Meend or the Tufts. The 1891 census refers to the Miners Rest at Breams Tuft. It must have been very close to the Miners Arms on the Coleford Road.

There is some confusion to the validity to the reference of Richard Wilden as tenant of the Miners Rest given in the 1891 petty licensing book. The census of that year gives the age of Richard as being only 14! However, it is likely that Richard shared the same name as his father.

Richard Heath was the owner of the Miners Rest in 1891 when it was trading free of brewery tie. In the next twelve years it came into the ownership of the voracious Arnold, Perrett & Co. Ltd., who were rapidly buying out pubs to add to their increasing number of houses. In 1903 the Miners Rest had an annual rateable value of £12.0s.0d. (unchanged since 1891) and closed at 10 pm. It had beer house status.

Landlords at the Miners Rest include:

1891 Richard Wilden

1893,1895 William Baker (aged 21 in 1891 census. Also listed as a collier in 1893)

1903 Alfred Harry Phillips

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