The Midland Inn was situated to the north of the Midland Hotel across from the railway bridge. Because of its lesser status it was often dubbed the ‘Little Midland’.

James Leighton was the owner of the Midland Inn in 1891 and 1903. The leasehold was taken by the Cheltenham Original Brewery. The Midland Inn was a licensed beer house and had an annual rateable value of £34.0s.0d., unchanged from 1891 to 1903.

The porch over the front entrance was impressive, supported by classical columns and incorporating two replica Greek urns on the flat roof.

The backyard must have been a haven for beer and train lovers – from here, whilst drinking your beer, you could spot steam trains arriving and departing from the Midland railway station and, as an added bonus, many years ago, the depot of the Cheltenham Light District Tramway was located on the other side of the railway lines.

Courtesy Michael Wilkes

The Midland Inn closed in the early 1970’s. For many years the converted building, minus the stone porch, was the premises of John Stayte Services. When the business was transferred the property was put up for sale.

The empty building was demolished soon after Christmas 2004. A block of flats called Queensgate now occupy the site.

Landlords at the Midland Inn include:

1870,1878 Henry Arundell

1883,1891 Charles Arundell

1903,1939 William Baker

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