Lewis Wilshire / Mark Steeds collection (Courage archives)

Licensing details:

Occupier in 1891: George Emery

Owner in 1891: Bristol United Brewery Co., Ltd.

Description of Licence: Beerhouse

Gross Estimated Value: £35.0s.0d.

Rateable Value: £18.10s.0d.

Six or Seven Days Licence: 7

Tied or Free? If tied to whom: – Bristol United Brewery Co., Ltd.

If tenanted, nature of tenancy: Annual

Number of times transferred in the last five years: 1

Licensees at the Lord Raglan include:

1871-74 S. Bush

1883 J. Bilton

1891-93 George Emery

1897-1904 John Davies

1906 George Bartlett

1909 Joseph Leadbeater

1914 Albert Ayland

1917-21 Matilda Ayland

1925-38 Gilbert Hudd

1944-60 Albert Bateman

Information courtesy ‘Bristol’s Lost Pubs’

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