Built for Stroud Brewery and opened in September 1939. The pub was an integral part of the nearby Kingshill residential development. It has changed very little in the intervening 60 years. It was a Whitbread pub until it was acquired by Wadworth of Devizes in 1990. 

Citizen: Saturday 23rd January, 1988: Kingshill changes – New pub managers Chris and Christina Parsons are ringing the changes at the Kingshill Inn, Dursley. Besides expanding the food side of the Whitbread Severn Inns pub, they plan to drum up lots of enthusiasm for pub teams and charity fund-raising. Chris (25) first started working for Whitbread as a glass collector when he was just 14. The couple, who met in their home town of Bournemouth, took over their first pub near Swansea three years ago. Tony and Julie Pollard, who previously ran the Kingshill Inn, have moved to The Stonehouse, in Newport.

Winter 1982. Image: Ian Thomas

Licensing Details:

Owner in 2007: Wadworth Brewery, Devizes

Landlords at the Kingshill Inn include:

1939 Mr L.W. Collins

1987 Tony & Julie Pollard

1988 Chris & Christina Parsons

2003 Allan Edward Witts

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