In the Stroud Licensing Sessions of 1904 it was proposed that ‘the ante 1869 beerhouse licenses of the Globe Inn and the Horse & Groom Inn be surrendered on condition that the bench would grant a full license to a new house built on the same spot.’

Postal codes for Lower Leazes are GL5 1JX, 1JY, 1JZ.

Licensing Details:

Owner in 1891: Stroud Brewery

Rateable value in 1891: £12.10s.0d.

Type of licence in 1891: Beerhouse

Owner in 1903: Stroud Brewery

Rateable value in 1903: £16.0s.0d.

Type of licence in 1903: Beerhouse

Closing time in 1903: 11pm


1891,1903 Alfred Fisher

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