In the 1891 Cheltenham Post Office directory the address of the Gladstone Arms is given as 34 Sherborne Street. It was located on the southern corner of Jersey Street.

William Sadler Hall was the owner of the Gladstone Arms in 1891 and 1903. Designated as a beer house it had an annual rateable value of £15.5s.0d. in 1891, increasing by £1.15s to £17.0s.0d. in 1903.

The Gladstone Arms was one of only a handful of pubs tied to William Sadler Hall’s Cranham Brewery. The other Cheltenham tied houses were the Crown & Cushion and Five Alls in Bath Road, and the Apple Tree in Russell Place. Godsell’s & Sons of Salmon Springs, Stroud, later acquired the brewery and the pubs.

The Gladstone Arms closed in 1968. It is now a private residence.

Landlords of the Gladstone Arms include:

1870 Mrs Mary Stone

1878 Gregory and Lawson

1883 E. Merrett

1891 Eli Merrett

1903 John Hounslow

1939 Thomas Leon Gaynor

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