The Feathers Inn was at the lower end of Ruspidge near the Shakemantle iron mine. All four pubs in Ruspidge were very close together, reflecting the time when they were frequented by men working in the mines and quarries. The Feathers was located opposite the George Inn. Today the landscape has changed beyond recognition and the property that was once the Feathers is the first house on the left coming up the picturesque wooded Soudley Valley.

E. Hawker owned the Feathers Inn in 1891 and 1903. Being privately owned it had the benefit of being a free house. The Feathers had an annual rateable value of £18.0s.0d. and was licensed as a beer house. Closing time was at 10 pm.

Landlords at the Feathers include:

1891 William Newman.

1902 ,1903 Thomas Hall (beer retailer in 1902)

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