The Earl Grey once had their beer supplied by the Ludgate Brewery. The Earl Grey closed in 1965. The building is now a private residence. The house is rendered with modern glazed windows. It is difficult to imagine it as a pub.

Earl Grey - Wortley Road, Wotton-Under-Edge

Owner in 1891: Tied to John Keynton, The Steep, Wotton under Edge

Rateable Value in 1891: £12.0s.0d.

Owner circa. 1903: Nailsworth Brewery

Earl Grey - Wortley Road, Wotton-Under-Edge

Landlords at the Earl Grey include:

1856 Samuel Dauncey

1875 Henry Gabb, jnr.

1879,1881 Frederick Holloway (listed as beer retailer, Wortley Road)

1889,1891,1903 John J. Cole (he is listed at the Ludgate Brewery in 1903 )

1903 Mary Ford

1916,1923 A. Duffin

1927 C. Reynolds

1939 William John Marsh

1965 Alfred Hurcombe (Alfred was also a postman who didn’t like dogs)

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