A ‘Help-in-Need Burial Society was founded on December 17th 1870 at the Crown Inn. The annual pay-out was the highlight of the year with the ‘local band, big supper and pennies and sweets thrown to the children.’ It was decided in 1954, when based at the Stag Inn, that the Burial Society was no longer needed.

When the property estate of the Forest Brewery in Mitcheldean was offered for sale in 1923, the Crown was included and the inventory of sale described the inn as a ‘very attractive property, lately rebuilt at considerable outlay, stone building with rough cast’. On the ground floor there was a ‘bar, smoke room, beer stores, kitchen, scullery, larder, etc.’ There were three bedrooms and a club room on the first floor and a further bedroom and a lumber room on the second floor. To the rear there was an ‘excellent range of stone outbuildings, urinal, two closets, wash-house, coal store, small garden.’ The particulars went on to say that ‘the property is of freehold tenure and let to Mrs Elizabeth Morgan, a tenant of about 24 years’ standing, on quarterly tenancy at £60 per annum.’

The Brown family were the owners of the Crown Inn in 1891 and 1903. Thomas Brown is recorded as the owner in 1891, and Lois Brown in 1903. At the time the Crown was a free house with an annual rateable of £12.0s.0d. It had a beer house licence and closing time was at 10 pm.

Dean Forest Mercury: Friday, July 4th, 1969 – Proposals for old Yorkley Inn: The senior public health inspector (Mr. W.T. Bebb) reported to West Dean Rural District Council on Thursday of last week at Coleford that a County Court hearing had been held at Monmouth about the old Crown inn, Yorkley, renovation. He said the owner (Mr F.R. Willetts) had been given 28 days in which to submit proposals for dealing with the property and the case would be resumed in August.

Landlords at the Crown Inn include:

1891 Jane Morgan

1903 William Robins

1923 Elizabeth Morgan

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