There was a case of controversy at the Conservatory in December 2005 when the pub manager put a notice outside the pub claiming that she and her staff ‘reserved the right to refuse service at any time! No Burberry caps, Rockport Tracksuits and Trainers’. This made it clear that so-called ‘chavs’ were not wanted, perhaps ironic considering that the pub manager was pictured in the local newspaper with body piercing through her lower lip. She told the Gloucestershire Echo: “We get certain people with certain mentalities who are just vile and cause trouble for the sake of it. They’ll just come through and start shouting and screaming and just disrupt people for no reason.” Despite of the blackboard warning outside the pub, 20 police officers were called to the Conservatory in the same month to separate rival fans ahead of the FA Club clash between Cheltenham Town Football Club and Oxford United. The bar manager said: “It was awful. When you get a volume of people like that, you can have the best door policy in the world, and it wouldn’t work.”

In June 2013 the Conservatory reopened as the ‘Feathered Fish’. Pub boss Pat Pullara said: “We have fully refurbished the place to give it a fresh impetus as well as trying to make the bar more comfortable and relaxing to come to.” He added: “I was keen to have an eye-catching name for the pub as well as trying to make it sound clean, crisp and smart.”


1926 Arthur Frederick Bunston

1939 Arthur F. Bunstow

1966 Tony and Glinda Hooper

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