The Canterbury Inn was built in 1966 by West Country Breweries / Whitbread. The license was transferred from the de-licensed Barrel Inn in the High Street.

In the autumn of 2006 the Canterbury had a major refurbishment, which included a new look lounge area, a bar with pool table and flat screen TV and an 82 seat restaurant with completely brand new furnishing.

Less than a year later the Canterbury was deluged with water during the Great Gloucestershire Floods of July 20th 2007. The only things that were salvageable were four leather sofas. Greene King spent £200,000 on the repairs and renovations which included a new bar, new kitchen and wood flooring.

Licensing Details:

Owners in 1997: Whitbread

Owners in 2008: Greene King

Landlords at the Canterbury Inn include:

1999 Ian Grinnell and Angela Bates (managers)

2000 Jane Clarke

2002 Peter Trueman

2006,2007 Amanda Green and Janice Skitt

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