The Canterbury Inn was built in 1966 by Whitbread Flowers. The license was transferred from the de-licensed Barrel Inn in the High Street.

In the autumn of 2006 the Canterbury had a major refurbishment, which included a new look lounge area, a bar with pool table and flat screen TV and an 82 seat restaurant with completely brand new furnishing.

Less than a year later the Canterbury was deluged with water during the Great Gloucestershire Floods of July 20th 2007. The only things that were salvageable were four leather sofas. Greene King spent £200,000 on the repairs and renovations which included a new bar, new kitchen and wood flooring.

Rob Gilhespy and James Thompson play a game of pool in the flooded Canterbury Inn. July 2007 (Image: Gloucestershire Echo)

From ‘Tewkesbury Pubs’ by B.R. Linnell (1972, second edition 1996)

A custom-built house named after the field on which it was built – Canterbury Leys in Newtown. The licence was granted conditional upon the “Barrel” closing but such were the restrictions upon everything in 1946 that it was not until 1966 that the Canterbury was completed. It is most likely this is the only place in town that was built as a pub. With the needs of the public in mind it had two bars, a skittle alley, children’s area, beer garden and games room. This was the first break in the wall of opposition to new public houses (and liquor licences in general) maintained by the local L.V.A. which had successfully stood firm against any new licences to date, which is why the residents of the large housing estates about the town have to walk a mile or more to reach the nearest pub. There were some interesting murals in the lobby but renovations soon took care of those.

Licensing Details:

Owners in 1997: Whitbread

Owners in 2008: Greene King

Landlords at the Canterbury Inn include:

1966-1969 A.A. Link

1969 D.A. Barridge

1971-1979 David Plows

1979 Eric Mottram

1986,1987 Alan Thompson

1992 Colin Healey

1993 Robin Dyer

1999 Ian Grinnell and Angela Bates (managers)

2000 Jane Clarke

2002 Peter Trueman

2006,2007 Amanda Green and Janice Skitt

2011 Tracey Platt (manager)

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