See also the Jolly Brewmaster

The British Union changed its name in 1961 to the Jolly Brewmaster. It is an excellent community pub selling superb beer.

Courtesy Michael Wilkes

Flowers & Sons of Stratford on Avon were the owners of the British Union in 1891 and 1903. The annual rateable value of the licensed ale house was set at £21.5s.0d. in 1891, decreasing by fifteen shillings to £20.10s.0d. in 1903. Flowers & Sons also owned and supplied their Stratford on Avon brewed ales to the Adam & Eve in Townsend Street, the Cambridge Inn in North Street, the Central Inn in Bennington Street, the Garricks Head in Bath Street, the Robin Hood Inn in St. James’ Street, the Rose & Crown in Rose & Crown Passage and the Stout House in St Georges Place.

Landlords at the British Union / Jolly Brewmaster include:

1856 J. Gardner

1856,1870 James Tansell

1878 J.G.T. Harris

1883,1891,1903,1906 Edward Thomas

1919 William Hammond

1926,1939 Louis Whittle

1961 Mr.Bird (Jolly Brewmaster)

1972/1973 Eric Weston (Jolly Brewmaster)

c.1995 John Broomfield (Jolly Brewmaster)

2004 – present day Chris Bayliss & Danielle Wheatley

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