In 1891 the Albion Inn was tied to the local Blakeney Brewery. The Blakeney Brewery closed c.1895, and the buildings were taken over by Arnold Perrett & Co. Ltd., who used it as a storage depot for onward distribution of their Wickwar brewed beers into the Forest of Dean and beyond. The annual rateable value in 1891 and 1903 was set at £12.0s.0d. and the Albion Inn was a licensed ale house with a closing time of 10 pm.

The Citizen newspaper reported on the 14th August 1895 that ‘Frederick Stanley, aged 10, the son of Mr Ernest Stanley of the Albion Inn, Viney Hill, was rather severely burned whilst lighting the fire on Thursday morning with the aid of paraffin’.

Licensees did not seem to remain long at the Albion Inn. In fact, it seems that the longest recorded tenure was 18 years, which was achieved by Oswald and Lillian Jones – the last licensees at the Albion. The inn ceased to trade in 1957, and the widowed Lillian Jones retired.

The Albion Inn is now a private house, mostly obscured from view by a large hedge surrounding the property. It is to be found on the corner of Pine Tree Way and on the road to Yorkley.

Landlords at the Albion Inn include:

1869 George Wilce

1876 George Edwards

1879 John Prior

1885 Harry Wooles

1889,1891,1895 Ernest Stanley

1897 Edward Phillips

1900 George Phillips

1902 Edward Phillips

1903 George Phillips

1904,1906 Edwin Thomas

1907 Mary E. Thomas

1909 John J. James

1910 Stephen Beard

1912 Edwin Halford

1914,1919 Sydney J. and Annie James

1923 Frederick and Emily Fowler

1927 William Hy. Fowler

1927 Benjamin and Christine Fowler

1928 Frederick J. Thorne

1929 Frederick Box

1934 Maurice Croome

1937 William E. and Lillian Jones

1956 Lillian Jones

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