Acquired by the Nailsworth Brewery Co. Ltd in 1897

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Alan Neame was born in Faversham Kent circa 1858, Alan was the second son of 72 year old Frederick Neame. In 1881 Frederick Neame described himself as a Landowner. Alan’s slightly older brother (by 12 months) Stuart was a “Hop Factor” so we can only presume the Neame’s grew hops in the prime Kent countryside. By the time of the 1891 census Alan had relocated to Gloucestershire, indeed his 2 years old son was born in Gloucestershire.

1892 To Let.
Builders Arms Inn, Chalford, near Stroud, doing good trade, having appurtnances thereto of carpenter, wheelwright, and blacksmith ; shop, stables, and a large yard, paddock with shed, pigsty’s, fowl’s-house and large garden &c. ; rent and ingoing moderate. Apply Alan Neame, Eagle Brewery, Stroud.
Source; Gloucester Citizen November 28th 1892.

1892 To Let.
New Inn, Tower Hill, Stroud, good Beerhouse, convenient premises and large garden attached. Apply to present tenant, or Alan Neame, Eagle Brewery, Stroud.
Source; Gloucester Citizen December 1st 1892.

1893 Cheltenham County Court.
Brewer and Innkeeper.

Stephen Miles v. Alan Neame.
The plaintiff, an innkeeper, formerly of the Little Crown Inn, claimed £10 from the defendant, a brewer, of Stroud, alleged to have been offered as a consideration to defendant to give up the license of the house. Defendant was licensee of the Little Crown, which was a tied house, beer having to be obtained from two breweries, but some dissatisfaction was occasioned by defendant selling more beer from one brewery than the other.
One of these breweries was the defendant’s, Eagle Brewery, Stroud, and according to plaintiff and a letter put in, an arrangement was come to by which plaintiff was to give up the license and go out altogether for the payment of £10. That sum had not been paid, and was therefore the subject of the present action. Since the summons had been issued a statement of accounts had been sent in by defendant, in which he sought to show that £21 0s 6d was due to him, and there was also a set-off for £1 as part payment of the £10 in question.
For the defence it was denied that the £10 was to be paid over, but that it was a consideration to be allowed in settlement of accounts.
Mr A. H. Smith was for the plaintiff, and Mr H. Smith (Messrs Croome, Ball and Smith) of Stroud, for the defendant.
The case was tried by a jury, who found for the plaintiff for £10, and for the defendant on the counter-claim of £21 0s 6d.
Source; Gloucester Citizen August 19th 1893.

1891 census Alan Neame.
Dwelling; Northfields. Folly Lane, Slad, Glos.
Alan Neame. Head. Age 33. Brewer. Born; Faversham, Kent.
Frances M. Neame. Wife. Age 26. Born; Faversham, Kent.
Alan Bence Neame. Son. Age 2. Born; Painswick, Glos.
Ronald D. Neame. Son. Age 1. Born; Painswick, Glos.
Eliza Baker. Servant. Age 56. Nurse Domestic. Born; Kent.
Annie Apsley. Servant. Age 30. Housemaid Domestic. Born; Worcestershire.
Mary Jane Merrett. Servant. Age 22. Cook Domestic. Born; Painswick, Glos.

1901 census Alan Neame.
Dwelling; Watledge Court, Nailsworth, Glos.
Alan Neame. Head. Age 43. Brewer. Born; Faversham, Kent.
Mildred Neame. Wife. Age 36. Born; Faversham, Kent.
Maud C. Neame. Daughter. Age 8. Scholar. Born; Stroud, Glos.
Eliza Baker. Servant. Age 69. Nurse Domestic. Born; Kent.
Margaret Dowdeswell. Servant. Age 21. Cook Domestic. Born; Bisley, Glos.
Ellen Thomas. Servant. Age 23. Housemaid Domestic. Born; Swansea, Wales.

By 1911 Alan and his surviving family had relocated to Ross, sadly one of his children had past away.

1911 census Alan Neame.
Dwelling; Broad Street, Ross, Herefordshire.
Alan Neame. Head. Age 53. Wine Merchant Employer. Born; Faversham, Kent.
F. Mildred Neame. Wife. Age 47. Born; Faversham, Kent.
Clair Neame. Daughter. Age 18. Born; Stroud, Glos.
Lucy Gay. Visitor. Age 26. Born; Stroud, Glos. 
Gertrude Close. Age 26. Housemaid Domestic. Born; Stroud, Glos.

1953 Probate Alan Neame.
Of Queen Anne Lodge, 86 Westmoreland Road, Bromley, Kent, died 22nd October 1953. Probate London, 7th December to Alan Bruce Neame, famer, and Maude Clair Neame, spinster. Effects £37594 9s 6.
Source; National Probate Calendar.  

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