Coombe Valley Brewery, Wotton-Under-Edge - Auction poster for the brewery and tied houses 1912

I am grateful to Paul Best for the following information:

Arthur Guinness was the proprietor of the Coombe Valley Brewery in Wotton-under-Edge in the 1880’s to 1890’s. More interesting is that Arthur H. Guinness and his son Arthur P. Guinness of Wotton-under-Edge were actually direct descendants of Arthur Guinness the famous Irish Stout maker and the founder of Guinness’ Dublin Brewery. Hopefully the following research will make this all clearer:

The Guinness family in Ireland.
Arthur Hart Guinness (1827-1901)

1827. Arthur Hart Guinness was born on 9th September 1827 in Chapelizod (Chapel Izod) County Dublin, Ireland.

Father:      Arthur Guinness.
Mother:     Catherine Laughton Paul.

Arthur was Proctor and Notary Public of the Ecclesiastical and probate Courts.


Arthur Guinness (1725-1803) was an Irish brewer and the founder of the Guinness brewery business and family.

Arthur Guinness was an entrepreneur, visionary and philanthropist.  Guinness laid the foundations for Guinness Brewery.  At 27, in 1752, Guinness’s godfather Arthur Price, the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Cashel, bequeathed him £100 in his will.

Guinness invested the money and in 1755 had a brewery at Leixlip, just 17 km from Dublin.  In 1759, Guinness went to the city and set up his own business.  He took a 9,000 year lease on the 4-acre (16,000 m2) brewery at St. James’s Gate from Mark Rainsford for an annual rent of £45.

In 1761 he married Olivia Whitmore in St. Mary’s Church, Dublin, and they had 21 children, 10 of whom lived to adulthood.  From 1764 they lived at Beaumont House, which he had built on a 51-acre (210,000 m2) farm, which is now a part of Beaumont Convalescent Home, behind the main part of Beaumont Hospital, between Santry and Raheny in north County Dublin.  Beaumont (meaning beautiful hill) was named by him and the later Beaumont parish copied his original name.

In his later years he lived at Mountjoy Square in Dublin city, which was then in the process of being built in the style of elegant Georgian architecture.  Three of his sons were also brewers, and his other descendants eventually included missionaries, politicians and authors.

He was buried in his mother’s family plot at Oughterard, County Kildare in January 1803.


Hosea Guinness (1765-1841) married Jane Hart (1774-1835)

Hosea was the eldest son of Sir Arthur Guinness of St James Gate, Dublin.  He was born on July 12, 1765.  Hosea Guinness became the rector of St. Werburgh’s, Dublin and served for over 30 years. On January 19th 1794 he married Jane Hart, the 2nd daughter of Col. Simon Hart of Dublin. Jane died on January 31st 1835. Hosea Guinness died March 5th 1841.


Arthur Guinness (1796-1831) married Catherine Paul (1801-1854)

Reverend Arthur Guinness was born on the 2nd April 1796. He married Catherine Laughton Paul, daughter of Reverend Thomas Paul, on the 26th April 1821. Arthur Guinness was the Curate at Loughall, County Armagh, Ireland.  He then became the Incumbent at Seaton Carew, County Durham, England.  He died in 1831.

Returning to the time line.

1856 Arthur Hart Guinness married Ellen Galloway on 14th August 1856. Ellen was a daughter of John Galloway.

1858 Arthur and Ellen Guinness were living in Monkstown, Ireland where their son Arthur Percy Guinness was born.

1859 Arthur and Ellen Guinness were living in Dublin, Ireland where their son Thomas was born.

1862 Arthur and Ellen Guinness were living in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland where their daughter Eliza Galloway Guinness was born.

1866 Arthur and Ellen Guinness were living in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland where their son Lewis Guinness was born.

Between 1866 and 1871 the Guinness family moved from Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland to Blackheath, Kent where their daughter Ellen Guinness was born in 1871.

A short time later they moved to Greenwich, Kent.

1871 Arthur and Ellen Guinness were living at 3 Vanburgh Park Road East in Greenwich, Kent.  Arthur was listed as a Proctor not practicing at the time.

1871 census Arthur H. Guinness.
Dwelling; 3 Vanburgh Park Rd, Greenwich.
Arthur H Guinness. Head. Age 43. Proctor not practicing. Born; Ireland Chapel izod.
Ellen Guinness.Wife. Age 38. Born; Dublin.
Arthur Percy Guinness. Son. Age 13. Scholar. Born; Monkstown.
Thomas A Guinness. Age 12. Born; Dublin.
Eliza Galloway Guinness. Daughter. Age 9. Born; Bray.
Lewis H Guinness. Son. Age 5. Born; Bray.
Ellen C. H. Guinness. Daughter. Age under 3 months. Born; Blackheath, Kent.
Margaret Robertson Guinness. Sister Age 44. Wife of Clergyman. Born; Chapel izod, Ireland.
Eliza Holmes. Servant. Age 56.Nurse. Born;Finnor, Ireland.
Anne Bethel. Servant. Age 31. Cook. Born; —
Harriet S Jennice? Servant. Age 20. Housemaid. Born; Essex.

Between 1871 and 1874 the Guinness family moved from Greenwich, Kent to Middlesex between 1871 and 1874.  They were in Kilburn, Middlesex in 1874 when their son Bertram Guinness was born.

1881 census Arthur H. Guinness.
Dwelling; 16 Greville Place, Marylebone, London.
Arthur H Guinness. Head. Age 53. Proctor Graduate M.A. J.C.D. Born; County Dublin, Ireland.
Ellen Guinness. Wife Age 47. Born; County Dublin., Ireland.
Arthur P. Guinness. Son. Age 23. Engineering Student. Born; County Dublin Ireland.
Thomas A. Guinness. Son. Medical Student Kings College. Born; County Dublin, Ireland.
Eliza G. Guinness. Daughter. Age 19 Scholar. Born; County Wicklow, Ireland.
Lewis H. Guinness. Son. Age 15. Scholar Kings Col. Born; County Wicklow, Ireland.
Bertram J. H. Guinness. Son. Age 7. Born; Middlesex.
Eliza Holmes. Servant. Age 67. Nurse Domestic servant Born; County Tipperary, Ireland.
Anne Bethel. Servant. Age 41. Cook. Domestic servant. Born; County Tipperary Ireland.
Alice M Baster. Servant. Age 23. Housemaid Domestic servant. Born; London.

Coombe Valley Brewery Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire.

At some point in the second half of the 1880’s, it appears from the directory records that Arthur Hart Guinness became the proprietor of the Coombe Valley Brewery in Wotton-under-Edge. It is not certain if Arthur Hart Guinness lived for a length of time in Wotton-under-Edge.  But what is certain is that his son, Arthur Percy Guinness, was the one that actually ran the Brewery.  Arthur P. was listed as a Brewer in the 1891 census for that place.

Arthur Hart Guinness was the one with the financial means to purchase the brewery and he let his son run the place. After 2 generations of the family being Reverends attached to church life and he himself being a proctor, Arthur Hart Guinness and his son tried to return this branch of the famous Guinness family back to the business of brewing and marketing stout.

In 1889, Arthur H. Guinness, is listed with the Coombe Valley Brewery in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire. Also his son, Arthur Percy Guinness, is listed as a private resident in Wotton-under-Edge.

1889 Kelly’s directory of Gloucestershire;


Coombe Valley Brewery (Arthur H. Guinness), Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire.

Private Residents.

Guinness Arthur Percy.

In 1890, Arthur H. Guinness of 47 Priory Road, Kilburn is listed in the Court Directory section of the 1890 Kelly’s directory for Middlesex.
Page 1345   Middlesex.
Court Directory.

Guinness Arthur H.  47 Priory rd. Kilburn.

1890 Situations Wanted.
Domestic.Wanted, a Situation either as Plain Cook or General Servant, in small family; age 17, tall; wages £11. – Address A C. care of Coombe Valley Brewery, Wotton-under-Edge. Gloucestershire.
Source; The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post, Tuesday, March 25th 1890.

1891 Arthur Hart and Ellen Guinness were living at 47 Priory Road in Hampstead, London.  Arthur was a Proctor (in pencil is added later “Solicit”

1891 census Arthur H. Guinness.
Dwelling; 47 Priory Road, Hampstead, London.
Arthur Hart Guinness. Head. Age  63. Proctor (in pencil – Solicit) Born; County Dublin, Ireland.
Ellen Guinness. Wife. Age.Wife. Born; Dublin, Ireland.
Eliza G. Guinness. Daughter. Born; Bray, Co Wicklow Ireland.
Lewis H. Guinness. Son. Age 25. Brewer. Born; Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland.
Bertram J. Guinness. Son. Age 17. Attending School. Born; Middlesex.
Ellen Boyce. Servant. Age 18. Cook Domestic Servant. Born; Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
Mary H. Wills. Servant. Age 19 Parlourmaid Domestic Servant. Born; Brampton, Huntingdonshire.

1891 census Arthur Percy Guinness.
Dwelling; Coombe, Gloucestershire.
Arthur Percy Guinness. Lodger. Age 33. Brewer Employer. Born; Ireland.

Wotton Swimming Club met regularly at Coombe Valley Brewery lakes Wotton-Under-Edge
Wotton Swimming Club met regularly at Coombe Valley Brewery lakes until the fatal accident of a young member of the club.

1891 Tragic Accident at the Ponds belonging to the Coombe Valley Brewery.
Gloucestershire News. Wotton-Under-Edge.

A lad named Charles Harding, about 16 years of age, was drowned while skating at the ponds at the Coomb Valley brewery on Saturday afternoon.  For some days past there have been large numbers of skaters on the large pond, the ice on which has been perfectly safe and has been well looked after by the proprietor, Mr Guinness.

On Saturday, however, the deceased and a companion named James Knight ventured on the small pond, and some young men named Vines and Durn, who were on the bank between the ponds, saw deceased suddenly disappear, and his companion Knight was also at the same time immersed.  An alarm was immediately raised, and the young men ran to the bank near where the unfortunate youth had gone down, and where Knight was struggling in the water.

They shouted to him, in answer to his cries, to lie with his arms on the ice and remain still.  This he did till a rope was brought and thrown to him, by which he was rescued in an exhausted condition.  One of the young men who were on the bank states that the head of the unfortunate youth Harding came to the surface of the hole once, but he immediately sank.  The body was recovered in about three quarters of an hour, and conveyed to his home at Sinwell.

The place where the fatality occurred was about eight or ten yards from the shore, and it is stated the ice was only an inch in thickness.  An inquest was held on Tuesday, and the jury returned a verdict “That deceased was accidentally drowned while skating.”

Source; The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post, Saturday, January 10th 1891.

1893 advert.

Agent W. H. Webb
The Cross, Stroud.

In 1894, Arthur H. Guinness, is listed with the Coombe Valley Brewery in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire.His son Arthur Percy Guinness is also mentioned in the directory of Wotton-under-Edge, as a Civil Engineer living at Coombe.

Coombe Valley Brewery (Arthur H. Guinness), Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire.

Commercial. Guinness Arthur Percy  Assoc. member Inst. C.E. civil engineer, A.K.C. Lond.  Coombe.
It was around at this time that the son Arthur Percy Guinness seems to be losing interest in the brewing business as he started advertising his Civil Engineering side of things. It was in the middle of the 1890’s or a little later that the Annesley family purchased Coombe Valley Brewery.

In 1901, Arthur and Ellen Guinness were living in Little Bealing, Suffolk.  Arthur was described as Living on own means.

1901 census Arthur H. Guinness.
Dwelling; The Street. Little Bealing.
Arthur H Guinness. Head. Age 72. Living on own means. Born; Ireland.
Ellen Guinness. Wife. Age 68. Born; Ireland.
Eliza G. Guinness. Daughter. Age 38. Born; Ireland.
Bertram Guinness. Son. Age 27. Born; Kilburn, London.
Edith Bullock. Servant. Age 15.Housemaid domestic. Born; Suffolk.
Ellen Garwood Servant. Age 23. Parlourmaid. Born; Little Bealing.
Emily R Cadwalleder. Servant. Age 32. Cook. Born; Clerkenwell, London.

Arthur Hart Guinness died at the age of 73 in the 2nd quarter (Apr-May-Jun) of 1901 in the Woodbridge registration district of Suffolk.

1901 Probate Arthur H. Guinness.
Of Mellerstein, Little Bealing, Suffolk retired Proctor, died 13th May 1901. Probate 25th June to Ellen Guinness, widow, Bertram Irving Hart Guinness, esquire, and Eliza Galloway Guinness, spinster. Effects £11770 8s. 7.

1919 Probate Arthur Percy Guinness.
Of 7 Belmont Road, Wallington, Surrey died 7th December 1919. Probate London 28th January to Marie Guinness, widow. Effects £3724 9s. 5,
Source;  National Probate Calendar Index.

Although at this moment in time (July 2012) it isn’t clear exactly clear when Messrs Annesley acquired Coombe Valley Brewery, Wotton under Edge from the Guinness family research has indicated a date between 1895 & 1899. For the first decade of the 20th century Coombe Valley Brewery were actively brewing they were also prolific Mineral Water and Ginger Beer manufacturers. Their brightly coloured green and red soda pop was bottled in codd’s bottle’s and sold in the general area for the price of one penny. So who were Messrs Annesley? they were two brother’s, Captain Arthur James Patrick Annesley (1869-1934) and Major James Harry Sydney Annesley (1875-1949) the sons of Major General William Richard Annesley (born 1827 in France although he was a British subject -he died in Bideford, Devon in 1896) their father being the great great grandson of Richard Annesley, 2nd Earl Annesley of Ireland (born 1745 Kilegan, Down, Ireland he died 1824 Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland) the connection to Ireland is interesting as the former owners of Coombe Valley Brewery were also of Irish stock, none other than direct family descendants of the famous Guinness brewing family. Returning to Messrs Annesley their connection with the establishment was relatively short lived, they placed the entire brewery and it’s few tied houses on the market in 1912 with instructions to sell either as a whole or in lots.

Coombe Valley Brewery, Wotton-Under-Edge - Bottles

Below we catch a glimpse of a few pre sale communications between Messrs Annesley’s London agents to the Gloucester auctioneers Messrs Bruton Knowles.

Longbourne, Stevens, & Powell.
7 Lincoln’s Field Inn Fields,
London, W.C.

Messrs. Bruton Knowles & Co,
Albion Chambers,
King Street,

30th January 1912.

Regarding Coombe Valley Brewery Co.

Dear Sirs,

You will remember that you sold a house for us last year.

We are now considering the question of putting the Brewery itself and the remaining houses up for sale by Auction, and shall be glad if we can have your assistance in the matter.

Are you likely to be in London within the next two or three weeks on other business, and would you be able to call here to discuss the position?

We are, Yours truly, etc.


Followed on April 15th 1912 with a communication between James Harry Sydney Annesley and Bruton Knowles

Telegraphic address: Brewery, Wotton-under-Edge. (Stamped at top, number) 376
Railway Station: Charfield, M. R.

Coombe Valley Brewery Compy., Ld.
Wotton-under-Edge, Glos.

Messrs. Bruton, Knowles & Co. 15th April 1912
Albion Chambers


I beg to acknowledge your letter of the 13th. April. If it would not greatly inconvenience you could you postpone your visit for a few days as at present I am not feeling well enough to render you the assistance I should wish to – it is merely a question of Dental trouble, I had since teeth extracted at one sitting on Saturday and it has rather upset me – but of course if Tuesday is the only day available I will meet you as you suggest.

I am not quite sure from your letter whether you desire me to meet you here or at Frampton, so will you kindly advise me. If you are unable to postpone day would you kindly advise me

Your’s faithfully
J.H.S. Annesley.

The meeting clearly went ahead on June 14th 1912 Messrs Annesleys London agents sent this list of tied properties to the Gloucester auctioneers.


Longbourne, Stevens, & Powell.
7 Lincoln’s Field Inn Fields,
London, W.C.


Messrs. Bruton Knowles & Co.
Albion Chambers,
King Street,

14th June 1912.

Re Coombe Valley Brewery Co.

Dear Sirs,

We send you the Leases and tenancy agreements which you should ready to produce to any intending purchaser who may call to see them; and you must have them all in the Auction Room.

1st. July, 1899. Mr. Anthony Thatcher to Messrs. L.S. & C.F. Gardner. Lease of Pasture land adjoining the “New Inn”.

28th. February, 1901. Lord Fitzhardinge to Messrs. Annesley. Lease of right of water at Wotton-under-Edge.

20th. October, 1905. Messrs. Annesley with Mr. W.A. Jones. Counterpart Tenancy Agreement of “New Inn”.

17th. December, 1907. Coombe Valley Brewery Co. Ltd. with Mr. N. Rowland. Counterpart Agreement for Tenancy of “White Hart”.

8th. September, 1908. A.S. Cavell with Mr. R. Morley. Counterpart Tenancy Agreement of “Ram Inn”.

22nd. April, 1912. A.S. Cavell with Mr Wm. J. Bayliss. Counterpart Tenancy Agreement of “True Heart”.

22nd. April, 1912. A.S. Cavell with Mrs. Margaret Lear. Counterpart Tenancy Agreement of “Royal Oak”.

We are, dear Sirs, Yours truly, etc.

Bristol accountants Arthur Cavell & Co presented the following inventory to the auctioneers on July 3rd 1912.

From ;

Messrs Arthur S, Cavell & Co
Chartered Accountants,

3rd July 1912.

To ;

Messrs. Bruton, Knowles & Co.,
Albion Chambers,
King Street,

Dear Sirs,

Coombe Valley Brewery.

Enclosed we send you Inventory of Loose Effects at the Brewery our valuation of which is £422. There are no fixtures at the Ram Inn (lot 3) but those which are at the Royal Oak (lot 2) are enumerated in the tenancy agreement and we will advise you as to the amount of the value of same.

The writer will be at the sale on Saturday. We will call and see you before the time appointed.

Yours faithfully,



Violet, Bay Cart Mare, Aged – 16 hands.
Dolly, Bay Cart Mare, Aged – 15.2 hands.
Toby, Bay Cob, Aged – 13.2 hands.

Crank Axle Cart to carry 20 cwt.
Crank Axle Cart to carry 15 cwt.
Crank Axle Cart to carry 15 cwt.
Four Wheel Mineral Water Trolley, pole and shafts 35 cwt.
Four Wheel Mineral Water Trolley, pole and shafts 20 cwt.
Two Wheel light float.
Two old traps.

Two sets large breeching harness.
Two sets large heavy cart harness.
One set small trap harness.
One set pair horse breast harness.
Various odd collars and parts.

UTENSILS.Tortoise Stove.
Wooden Corn Bin.
Iron Corn Bin.
Chaff Cutter.
Chaff Cutter old.
Bucket &c.
Counter (in Loft)
2 Loin cloths.
2 Head Stalls.

Pitchpine Knee hole office table with 17 drawers.
Pitchpine Knee hole office table with cupboard and 8 drawers.
Pitchpine Knee hole office table with 8 drawers.
Deal Table covered American cloth.
Safe by Philips.
Two office chairs (back of one missing)
Two office arm chairs one with cushion, one broken.
Two office stools.
Two eight day clocks.
Iron deed box with pigeon holes.
Iron cash box.
Key cupboard with glass front.
Large cupboard with glass front and bookshelf.
Wooden cupboard (one door missing)
Wooden cupboard.
Wooden cupboard small.
Microscope, two lenses &c.
Copying Press.
Remington Typewriter.
Pigeon hole invoice case.
Two pull beer engine.
Two lamps.
Sundry inkstands, paper baskets and utensils.
Flap desk.
Wire blind lettered Coombe Valley Brewery Co. Ltd. Registered office.

Codds, large about 150 dozen.
Codds, small about 70 dozen.
Stone Ginger about 150 dozen.
Egg shape about 120 dozen.
Syphon about 71 dozen.

Quart Flagons about 120 dozen.
Pint Bottles about 20 dozen.
Half Pint Bottles about 500 dozen.
Stoppers (screw) about 600 dozen.

Beer & Mineral cases in use about 450.
Beer & Mineral cases not in use about 1250.
Flagon crates not in use about 300.
Pint Beer Bottle cases not in use about 12.
Pint Beer Bottle not in use 3 doz. Rail Cases about 24.
Syphon Cases to hold 1/2 doz. Not in use about 50.
Syphon Cases to hold 1/4 doz. Not in use about 50.
Drying Crates about 70.

With Customers.
Hogsheads 11.
Barrels 14.
Kilderkins 28.
Firkins 58.
Pins 60.

At Brewery in Circulation.
Hogsheads 40.
Puncheons 8.
Barrels 25.
Kilderkins 20.
Firkins 67.
Pins 17.

Not in Circulation.
Hogsheads 8.
Barrels 12.
Kilderkins 10.
Firkins 64.
Pins 50.

Old beyond repair 50 say various sizes.

Hand truck.
3 Sack trucks.
Semi – rotary hand pump.
Syphon Beer Bottling Machine.
Weighing Machine with weights.
Various lengths hose.
6 Glass Saccharometers.
2 Portable Copper Coil Attemperators.
Carpenter’s bench, Vice, Anvil, Lifting Jack.
Large Grindstone.
Brass Scales & Weights.
Mail Screen.
Spring Balance up to 400 lbs.
Ladder 31 Rungs.
Ladder 18 Rungs.
Pair boat sculls.
Old deal table.
4 Copper low temperature thermometer.
2 Enamelled lip buckets.
Tramming in Brewery.
Racking Cock.
Skids 2 pairs.
Tramming in Beer cellar (4)
Sundry tin trays & old table in beer store.
2 Devils.
Small book case in bottle store.
Pully block and chain.



The Auction took place on July 6th 1912.


Lot 1.


With the Machinery, Goodwill, and Off-license.

Nearly the whole Brewery is substantially built of stone, with slate roof, and comprises :—- Beer Cellar ; Brew-house, fitted with hot liquor back steam coil, grist case, 6-quarter mash tun with Steel’ patent masher, gun-metal false bottom and internal rakes, copper with portable dome to boil 19 barrels, hop back with gun metal plate false bottom, 3 barrel liquor pump by Ransome, wort pump by Ransome ; Fermenting Room, 48ft. X 33ft.., wooden cooler (about 16 barrels), Morton’s refrigerator (capacity 10 barrels), fitted with Griffins’ patent yeast sluice, 2 slate yeast backs ; Brick built Bottling Cellar, with slate roof and concrete floor 38ft., X 26ft., containing continuous action beer carbonating machine and roundabout bottling machine, by Barrett & Foster ; Hop Room and store adjoining the Bottling Cellar, with Store Rooms above, fitted with bins for maturing bottled beer, and lean-to Sugar Store in the rear ; a Beer Cellar adjoining ; a lean-to Cask Washing Shed, with steaming apparatus by Llewllins & James, and drying apparatus ; a metal condensed liquor vat ; Boiler-house, fitted with Cornish boiler, by Llewellins & James ; Mineral Water Factory, fitted with Barnett & Foster’s No. 2 compact power driven mineral water machine with turn over filler, syphon and cork bottle fillers, syrup pans, &c. ; Bottle Washing Shed, fitted with Hill’s patent bottle washing machine ; Wheel-house, with 8 h.p. water wheel, recently put in through repair, by Messrs. Terrett Bros. ; Upper Mill Room, fitted with twin roll, malt mill with patent shaker, by G. Adlam & Son, and wood cold liquor back ; a lower Mill Room, fitted with oat crusher ; Malt Room adjoining, fitted with steam coil, and a small private Office attached thereto ; Clerks’ Office in Fermenting Room, with separate entrance from yard ; Principal’s Office adjoining main building.

The Brewery is fitted with all necessary shafting, the whole power for driving which is supplied by the water wheel.

All the machinery, plant, and shafting referred to, is included in the sale.

Close to the entrance of the Brewery premises is the modern substantially brick-built Stabling, with slate roof, comprising 5 Stalls, with well pitched floors ; a second Stable of 6 Stalls, Harness Room, with large Loft over the Stabling ; Motor-house and Cart Shed adjoining, brick built, with corrugated iron roof. Near to the Brewery is a wood Shed, with corrugated iron roof, for storage of mineral water bottles and cases, and a Granary timber built, with corrugated iron roof standing on iron columns.

The two large ponds are fed by unfailing springs.

In the rear of the Bottling Store is the collecting tank for the Brewery water, collected from springs, unfailing and particularly suitable for brewing purposes.

Included in this Lot is the exclusive right to use a water tank on “Honey Gastons” and the water collected thereby, which right is held for a term of years expiring on the 11th October, 1921, at the yearly rent of £1.

The Purchaser of this Lot shall take, at a valuation to be made in manner mentioned in the Conditions of Sale, or failing such valuation at their value, all furniture, fixtures, fittings (other than the before-mentioned machinery, plant, and shafting), horses, carriages, harness, and other indoor and outdoor effects (other than beer and malt and brewing and malting materials) used in the business and which the Vendor shall desire to sell, and also any beer and malt and brewing and malting materials not sold or used or otherwise disposed of at the time of completion of the purchase, and also all book debts then owing to the Vendor in connection with the business, and also any excise liquor licenses held in respect of the property and then in force.

Subject to Conditions of Sale as to completion and otherwise, possession will be given as a going concern on the 12th day of August next.

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Lot 2.


Known as “The Royal Oak”, situate in Haw Street, Wotton-under-Edge, together with Yard, Out-buildings, Stabling, and a large well-enclosed Garden adjoining, the whole containing about 1 acre, in the occupation of Mrs. Lear, at the low annual rent of £20.

The House contains :— on the Ground Floor, a well-arranged Bar, 2ft. 6in. X 20ft, (inclusive of a bay), private Sitting Room, Club Room, 18ft. X 16ft. Commercial Room, Dining Room, excellent Kitchen, Scullery, Larder, Coal Cellars, large Spirit Store ; on the First Floor — approached by two staircases — seven Bed Rooms, in one of which a bath is fixed, an upper Club Room, part oak panelled 36ft. 9in. X 17ft. 3in. W.C., and Lavatory, with hot and cold water services ; on the Second Floor are Attics, and over the Coal and Wood-house is a large Storage Shed.

Adjoining the Inn premises is a Tool-house approached through a Greenhouse.

In the large Yard, approached by a drive way, is the modern brick tiled Stabling, comprising two Stalls, Loose Box, Harness Room, and Coach-house — all with well pitched floors — and a Bottling Store.

There is a large walled Garden, in which are Pigsty and Poultry-house.

The premises occupy an exceptionally good position for business purposes, and have a frontage to the street of about 130ft. 9in.

In addition to the hotel entrance there are two other entrances.

The Purchaser of this Lot shall take at a valuation, to be made in manner mentioned in the Conditions of Sale, all furniture, fixtures, and fittings belonging to the Vendor.

Lot 3.


Occupying an excellent situation for business purposes in the town of Wotton-under-Edge, in the occupation of Mr Rufus Morley, at the low annual rent of £9. It contains Tap Room, Smoke Room, private Sitting Room, Waiting Rooms, Kitchen (over the two latter there is a loft), Beer and Wine Cellars, three Bed Rooms, and an Attic.

Adjoining the Dwelling-house is a small Barn, and in the Yard, to which there is a driving way, is a Stable for three with Loft over, three Piggeries, and a small Pond supplied by a never-failing spring.

The Purchaser of this Lot shall take at a valuation, to be made in manner mentioned in the Conditions of Sale, all furniture, fixtures, and fittings belonging to the Vendor.


Lot 4.


In the occupation of Mr. Nathaniel Rowland at the annual rent of £6 10s. It contains Sitting Room, Smoke Room, Cellar, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, a Store Room, formerly used as a Stable, three Bed Rooms, and a Club Room, to which there is a separate staircase, together with a Cottage, now void.


Lot 5.


Situate at Waterly Bottom, North Nibley, within two miles of Dursley. It is substantially built of brick. with stone tiled roof, and contains ; — on the ground floor, Sitting Room, Kitchen or Smoke Room, Back Kitchen with furnace and soft water pump and Cellar ; and on the first floor, three Bed Rooms.

Adjoining are Dairy, Store-house, with Loft, over Stabling and Piggery.

There is a large and excellent Garden, to which there is a well of eater.

The owners of the adjoining property have the right at all times to enter and take water from the well and pump.


Adjoining, containing a total area of 8a. 2r. 36p. or thereabouts, held for a term of years, expiring 25th March, 1920 (with power to Lessee to determine on 25th March, 1913), at the yearly rent of £18.

The whole of this Lot is in the occupation of Mr. William Alfred Jones at £30 a year.


Lot 6.


Occupying an excellent position and within a short distance of picturesque Frampton Green, in the occupation of Mr. W. J. Bayliss, at £12 a year.

It is a detached brick-built House with tile roof, and contains :— Entrance Hall, with block floor, two Sitting Rooms, one having a wood block floor, capital newly-built Smoke Room, with block floor, fixed seating, and the walls partly matchboarded, Kitchen, with block floor, Cellar, Back Kitchen, with furnace, and four Bed Rooms.

At the back are covered Yard, with pump and a never-failing supply of good water, W.C, etc.

There is a side entrance.

In the front is a large and well-stocked Garden.

The Property has a long frontage to the main road.

The whole of the Properties will be first offered in one Lot. If not so sold, the Vendor reserves the right to alter the order of Sale, or to consolidate two or more Lots into one.

Lake at Coombe Valley Brewery - Aquatic Sports

Lake at Coombe Valley Brewery - Aquatic Sports

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