Founded by S. Price in 1833 but brewing ceased during early 1900’s.

Brewing recommenced 1984 by Charles Wright in the derelict buildings.

The brewery uses its own spring water running from the hill behind the brewery.

Date on lintel of 1888 shows owners name.

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I am grateful to Paul Best for the following information:

1841 census Samuel Price.
Dwelling; The Street, Uley, Gloucestershire.
Samuel Price. Age 50 Brewer & Maltster. Born; in County.
Charlotte Price. Age 50. Born; In County.
Elizabeth Price. Age 20.Born; In County.
Lavonia Price. Age 15.Born; In County.
George Price. Age 15.Born; In County.
Emily Price. Age 14.Born; In County.
Frances Price. Age 8. Born; In County.
Henry Price. Age 5. Born; In County.

1844 Married.
10th, at Uley, by the Rev. M. W. Wilkinson, rector, Mr Holborow, the only son of Mr D. Holborow, of Newington Bagpath, to Elizabeth, the eldest surviving daughter of Mr Price, of the Brewery, Uley.
Source; Hereford Times June 15th 1844.

1851 census Charlotte Price.
Dwelling; The Street, Uley, Gloucestershire.
Charlotte Price. Head Widow. Age 60. Maltster & Brewer. Born; Long Hope, Glos.
Charles Price. Son. Age 29. Maltsters Son. Born; Uley, Glos.
Emily Jane Price. Daughter. Age 23. Maltsers Daughter. Born; Uley, Glos.
Francis W. Price. Son. Age 19. Maltsters Son. Born; Uley, Glos.
Frances . Price. Daughter. Age 16. Maltsters Daughter. Born; Uley, Glos.
Henry F. Price. Son. Age 15. Maltsters Son. Born; Uley, Glos.
Nathaniel French. Widower. Age 52. Drayman. Born; Uley, Glos.

1853 Married.
In Hoboken, U.S. George, son of the late Mr Price, of the Brewery, Uley, to Frances, younger daughter of the late Edward E. Turner, Esq, solicitor, London.
Source; Bristol Mercury April 16th 1853.

1854 Married.
At Uley, Mr James Parry, of Northgate Street, Gloucester, to Emily Jane, 4th daughter of the late Samuel Price, the Brewery, Uley.
Source; Bristol Mercury 17th June 1854.

1871 census Charlotte Price.
Dwelling; The Street, Uley, Gloucestershire.
Charlotte Price. Head Widow. Age 79. Maltster & Brewer. Born; Long Hope, Glos.
Francis W. Price. Son. Age 39. Manager for above. Born; Uley, Glos.
Frances Caroline Price. Daughter. Age 36. Born; Uley, Glos.
Henry F. Price. Son Widower. Age 35. Bank Inspector. Born; Uley, Glos.
Henry F. Price. Grandson. Age 4. Born; London.
Nathaniel French. Servant. Widower. Age 76. Carter and Gen Labourer. Born; Wotton under Edge.
Emma Hoare. Servant. Age 14. Nursemaid. Born; Uley, Glos.

1876 Probate Charlotte Price.
13th June. The Will of Charlotte Price, late of Uley, in the County of Gloucester Widow, who died 31st March 1876 at Uley was proved at Gloucester by Daniel Holborow of Newington Bagpath, in the said County, Farmer, Francis Woodbury Price, of Uley Brewer, the son and Henry Fitzharding Price, of the City of Bristol, Bank Manager, the Son the Executors. Effects under £5,000.
Source; National Probate Calendar.

1881 census Francis W. Price.
Dwelling; The Street, Uley, Gloucestershire.
Francis W. Price. Head. Age 49. Maltster. Born; Uley, Glos.
Hannah Price. Wife. Age 48. Born; Kingscote, Glos.
Jane Bell. Servant. Age 19. Domestic Servant. Born; Uley, Glos.

1891 census Francis W. Price.
Dwelling; Richmond Villa, Dursley Road, Uley. Glos.
George Paradise. Head. Age 89. Retired Farmer. Born; Berkeley, Glos.
Marion Price. Daughter. Age 49. Born; Bowcott, Glos.
Francis W. Price. Son in Law. Age 59. Retired Brewer. Born; Uley, Glos.
Elizabeth Dauncey. Servant. Age 21. Servant. Born; Uley, Glos.

1897 Probate Francis Woodbury Price.
Of Uley Gloucestershire, brewer, died 11th June 1897. Probate Gloucester, 9th September to Mary Ann Price, widow, Charles Frederick Moore, auctioneer, John Daniel, farmer, and Henry Fitzharding Price, bank-manager. Effects 4348 1s.

The Victorian tower brewery situated in the picturesque village of Uley was built by Samuel Price in 1833 to provide beers to slake the thirsts of the thousands who worked in the wool dying and weaving industry in the Uley and Dursley area. When the wool industry collapsed in early 1900 the brewery closed.

In 1984 the brewery site was on the market and might have been turned into a craft centre. Thankfully Chas had better ideas and restored the brewery to a going concern. After a year’s effort a mash tun, copper and two Yorkshire square fermenting vessels were installed and working.

The first brew produced was Uley Bitter known as UB4O a copper coloured 4% beer.

Since then Chas has increased the capacity of the brewery to its current 50 barrel a week maximum output, which is its limit, being a listed building.

Chris Arrowsmith and Jody Veale - Master Brewer
Chris Arrowsmith (left), the author of this article and Jody Veale, master brewer.

Since the beginning Chas has expanded the beer range with the help of his brewer Mel Griffiths, which includes Old Spot Prize Ale a 5% beer that won first prize at the great Western Beer festival. Pigs Ear is a pale 5% bitter which is deceptively easy to drink, Hogshead Bitter is a pale quaffing beer, Old Ric at 4.5% is a copper coloured beer with complex flavours it is named after the infamous landlord Ric Sainty of the Dursley Old Spot Inn, in 2002 Chas added Laurie Lee to his portfolio, a 4.5% brew.

Uley beers are made from the finest ingredients, Tuckers floor malted Mans Otter barley, Hereford hops and Cotswold spring water which surfaces in the brewery yard.

This classic tower brewery with a unique vaulted cellar that nestles in the Cotswold Hills is well worth a visit. Unfortunately Mel became seriously ill in late 2003 and no longer works for the brewery. Brewing is now the responsibility of Ken Lush) and Jody Veale.

Ken Lush - Brewer at Uley
Ken Lush – Brewer at Uley

Ken produced a one-off 4.5% brew Prairie Hog hopped with Cascade, to celebrate his 50th in April 2004. Jody produced a 5% winter ale with a generous quantity of crushed crystal malt called Harping Hog in November 2004. Apparently it is still available.The latest addition to the brewery is a laboratory (which is currently under construction) to enable Uley to culture their yeast strain. Chas has recently employed Michael Lamberton to run the lab and assist with brewing.

Over the last 20 Years Uley has gone from strength to strength, may this continue.

Chris Arrowsmith
CAMRA Brewery Liaison Officer, Uley Brewery

At the end of 2018 Chas handed over the reigns to Martin Brooks, who continues to develop the brewery in line with it’s traditional heritage.

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