Recorded as the York Tavern in 1856 and the York Inn in 1885. Listed as being in Grosvenor Terrace in 1926 and 1939. A pedestrian passage, now anonymous, leading north from the High Street to Grosvenor Terrace was once known as York Passage. The York Hotel was located at the present day 85 High Street.

Ann Griffin is recorded as the owner of the York Hotel in both the 1891 and 1903 licensing records of public houses. Throughout those years the annual rateable of the York Hotel, a licensed ale house, was set at £51.0s.0d. Although Ann Griffin ran the premises as a free house in 1891, by 1903 the lease on the York Hotel had been taken by Arnold, Perrett & Co. Ltd. of the Wickwar Brewery near Wotton under Edge.

Landlords of the York Hotel include:

1830 Mary Sheldon & Son

1844 Richard Wright (York Tavern)

1856 T. Dennison (York Tavern)

1859 George Taylor

1870 Henry Burrows

1878,1891 Jonathon Riste (York Inn in 1885)

1903,1906 George Pearce

1919 Mrs Marie Ethel Pearce

1926,1939 George Powell Pearce

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