38 Park Street in 1939 Kellys Directory. 36/38 Park Street in 1957 reference.

There is a photograph published in Wilfred Merretts book ‘The pubs of the old Stroud Brewery’ which shows the Worcester Arms in true Dickensian splendour. The overhanging sign which reads ‘Stroud Brewery Entire’ is badly damaged and the painted signs on the bricks reading ‘Worcester Arms Inn’, ‘Stroud Brewery Co. Celebrated Ales & Stout’ are in need of a repaint.

It was reported in the ‘Citizen’ that the Gloucester Licensing Sessions of February 1927 had heard from Mr. A.W. Hopkins who said ‘there were 22 pubs within a distance of 411 yards of the Worcester Arms.’  Park Street is just to the north-east of Gloucester Cathedral.

The Worcester Arms and some buildings in Park Street were demolished in the 1970’s to make way for the new road from Bruton Way to St Oswalds Road.  The Worcester Arms was already closed and ‘long-empty’ when the plans were drawn up in February 1972.


1870,1879 James and Mary Ann Deborne

1893, 1906 A. Townsend

1936 W.H. Walding

1939 Walter Vincent

1957 W.J. Smith

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