Woodlawns Country Club was once the social club of British Nylon Spinners and, upon takeover, I.C.I. Fibres. When I.C.I Fibres was taken over by Du Pont the social club was leased and became Woodlawns Country Club. The Brockworth factory was then taken over by Invista. In January 2004 the lessees of the social club were declared bankrupt and the former social club was closed. Invista rejected a proposal to take on the centre as a going concern as they believed that the plans were not sustainable and would not agree to transfer the lease. The contents of the club were auctioned in September 2004.

On the night of Sunday 26th February 2006 arsonists set fire to the derelict club. Flames from the building erupted 30 feet in the air and several explosions were heard. Fire fighters could only watch as the roof of the 60m by 40m building collapsed under the intense heat. The remains of the social club were cleared away and for a long time afterwards all that was left was an expanse of concrete overgrown with weeds.

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