In 1882 the Woodbine is listed as being in Pitacre, Chesterton. The address of the pub was later 5 Chesterton Lane and eventually became 64 Chesterton Lane. 

Courtesy Michael Wilkes

In the summer of 2004 the Woodbine Inn was ‘refurbished’ which saw the traditional two-bar layout being replaced by single bar. Apparently, and rather conveniently, an apparition was seen soon afterwards in the form of a face in the wall and an eerie sound of a bell. The Bristol Society for the Paranormal Research and Investigation (BSPRI) was invited to the pub to look for any strange activity. The team spent hours setting up audio, video and electromagnetic devices before settling in to monitor several areas of the building in small groups. A response to the vigil from an alternative source was published in the local newspaper, the ‘Standard’ : “It is a well established fact that the stones of an old building can become imprinted with hyperphysical activity stemming from strange behavioural patterns from people who have spent time on a regular basis in the building. I can assure you that whenever I frequented that hostelry, the behaviour I observed was on numerous occasions very strange indeed and usually reached its peak at closing time! The many curses aimed at the bell when ‘time’ was called must have imprinted on the stones, hence the ghostly bell ringing. The ‘face in the wall’ is easily explained by the fact at closing time unsteady individuals when aiming at the door would inevitably hit the wall.”

The Woodbine Inn was closed and boarded up in September 2008, on the market to be sold without a licence. Some observers claim that the demise of the Woodbine Inn is a direct consequence of the smoking ban in public places, but another factor could be that the original charm and character of the pub was destroyed when the old fashioned bar and lounge were knocked into one drinking area.

Courtesy Derek King

Licensing Details:

Owner in 1891:  Cirencester Brewery

Rateable Value in 1891: £14.10s.0d.

Type of license in 1891: Alehouse

Owner in 1903: Cirencester Brewery

Rateable Value in 1903: £14.10s.0d.

Type of license in 1903: Alehouse

Closing time in 1903:

Landlords at the Woodbine Inn include:

1871 Joseph Pinchin

1885 James Tomkins Boulton

1889 George Evans (junior)

1891 Alvan Hesketh

1903 Ethni Harding

1906, 1939 Francis Stockham (F.W. Stockham in 1913)

1993,1997 Rowdy Wadek Pawlowski

2004,2005 Andy and Dee Ralph

2006 John Evans

2006 (Dec) John Henderson

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