Gloucester Journal: November 21st, 1874 – A man was killed on the railway about midway between Asylum Lane and the Barnwood Junction. The inquest was held in the Windmill Inn.

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The address of the Windmill Inn is given as Windmill Terrace in 1856 and 2 Windmill Parade in a 1927 and 1957 reference. A 1906/1907 listing refers to the Windmill Inn, Millbrook Street. The Windmill was a few yards to the south of the present day Horton Road railway level crossing.

Citizen: 10th February 1977: Former landlady of the old Hope Inn, Barton Street. Mrs Dorothy Kate Brint, has died in hospital, aged 80. Mrs Brint spent 77 years in two Gloucester pubs, and her duties behind the bar kept her so busy that for 30 years she went without a holiday. She was born at the Windmill Inn, Windmill Parade and a pub was her home until she retired in September 1973. She was at the Windmill – her mother, Mrs Kate Abbott, was there for 37 years – and she lived at the Hope Inn for 40 years. Mrs Brint became licensee of the Hope Inn when her mother died about 32 years ago. Her husband died soon after her mother and she was helped at the pub by her nephew, Mr John Davis, her son Rolf, and her daughter Joyce. After her retirement, she spent some time in Australia visiting her grandchild. She leaves a son and five grandchildren.

Early in 1983 there were concerns by some members of the [Gloucester] City Planning Committee that a ‘secret document’ had been issued by the County Surveyor for the construction of an Eastern Radial Road involving the route of the road going through 17 houses in Windmill Parade. At the meeting a petition, on behalf of the residents concerned that applications for housing improvement grants were being blocked, was submitted by a Councillor who said there was a great deal of uncertainty if the residents would receive adequate compensation if they were forced to move. The chairman stated that it was impossible to carve a major highway through a City centre without affecting some properties and criticised the negativity adding that the scheme would benefit half the city.

Presumably the Windmill Inn closed c1985. The elevated Metz Way (A4302) now dissects the site of the Windmill Inn.

Landlords at the Windmill Inn include:

1856 T. Brewer

1879 Mrs Cook (Windmill, Windmill Terrace)

1885 Mrs Harriet Cook

1906 William Abbott

1919 Mrs Kate Abbott

1936,1939 John Hy. Campbell

1957 Mrs E.G. Campbell

1960’s Glyn Hollifield

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