The White Lion was on the corner of Alvin Street and Sherborne Street. The address is given as 38 Alvin Street in the 1919 Kellys Directory and 38-40 Alvin Street in a 1957 reference.

G Cummings provided materials for Home Brewed Beer.

The White Lion was referred to the compensation authority on 3rd February 1919 but obviously survived the recommendation for closure. The White Lion was eventually demolished when the Alvin Street and ‘Clapham’ district of Gloucester was redeveloped.

Owner in 1957: Stroud Brewery Company

Landlords at the White Lion include:

1856,1859 Ephraim Close

1879, 1885 William Ryland

1893 Mrs M.E. Cook

1906,1927 Mary Elizabeth Cook

1936,1957 Geo. Hayward

1968 Bill and Winnie Hill (moved to the Red Lion in Barton Street, staying there until September 1974)

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