Gloucester Journal: 24th September 1881: The Tramway to Kingsholm. Since the Gloucester tramways were taken over by the new company, the carriages have been taken off the Kingsholm line. Great complaint has been made in reference to this by the residents of Kingsholm and Longford, and it will be seen by reference to an advertisement that a meeting is to be held at the White Hart Inn, Kingsholm, on Monday evening, when it is hoped that arrangements will be made by which the trams will run again.

The White Hart is listed at 48 Kingsholm Road in a 1927 reference. This is also the present day address. The famous Gloucester Rugby Football ground is opposite the pub.

The White Hart was built by Ind Coope & Co of Burton on Trent.  The pub is constructed of red bricks and has attractive stepped gabled ends. Above the bar entrance to the right of the building is a magnificent stone carved reminder of the heritage of the building. The words ‘Ind, Coope & Co. Ltd.’ are beneath an ornamental crest of Britannia – Ind Coope’s trade mark – and the date 1898.

Gloucester Citizen: Saturday July 20th 1985 – Skittles Round-Up: The White Hart in Kingsholm has recently changed hands. Former Gloucester County and RAF rugby forward, Roy Long with his wife Di, are now in charge. As most skittlers will know, the White Hart had a double alley, one of the oldest in Gloucester. In recent years it has been used as two singles, but lack of space has not made that a very successful venture. Roy has decided to close off the left hand side and instead put down tables and chairs. This opens up a nice single alley with adequate space for players and spectators.

In the 1990’s the pub was branded with Ansell’s signage. The White Hart had a major refurbishment in August 2003 and re-opened as a rugby themed pub. Former England captain Will Carling officially opened the White Hart on 29th August 2003. Mike Teague, the former Gloucester Rugby Player, is the owner of the pub. The main bar is now known as Teagues Bar. Matthew Engel wrote in the Guardian on 24th November 2003 that the White Hart (Teagues) was “the most rugby crazed pub in the country’s most rugby crazed town.”

Owner in 2006: Punch Taverns

Landlords at the White Hart include:

1830 Hannah Wright

1856,1859 Thomas Cook

1879 T. Trigg

1885 William Cooke

1893 J. Hogg

1902 Leopold Carter

1906 Tom Hary Eyles

1919 Charles Thomas Burmingham

1927 Sydney Thomas Freeman

1936,1939 S.N. Pritchett

1957 Rt. Wilce

1977 Stuart Wilce

1985 Roy Long

1996 Ann and Stuart Howell

2000 Anne Hamilton

2000 (June) , 2001 Barbara Pedley and Kirsten Puddick

2003,2007 Gary Teague (manager – Teagues bar)

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