D.J. Crump is listed as a brewer at the Wheatsheaf in 1856.

Cheltenham Original Brewery were the owners of the Wheatsheaf Inn in 1891 and 1903. It was licensed as an ale house and had an annual rateable value throughout those twelve years of £18.15.0d.

Like the Malvern Inn, the Wheatsheaf Inn had a role in the Leckhampton Hill riots of Good Friday 1906 when protesters assembled on the hill to claim rights of passage over land that had been acquired in 1894 by Henry J Dale of the Leckhampton Quarries Ltd. Marching from the Wheatsheaf with banners proclaiming ‘Hills can’t be Dales’ and ‘Up hill to down Dale’, the protesters headed to Dale’s residence, Tramway Cottage, that had been raised to the ground in a previous riot of 1902.  The ringleaders were arrested at the rebuilt Tramway Cottage on the hill and sent to prison. On their release they were cheered as heroes in the skittle alley of the Wheatsheaf Inn. 

This Cheltenham Original Brewery pub was completely rebuilt, possibly in the 1930’s.

Look at the size of those casks!

In the 1960’s the pubs skittle alley doubled up as the Grotto music venue. A group called the Vikings played there on one occasion, who later were to become popular as The Move. Jim Capaldi, later in Traffic, played at the Wheatsheaf with a band called the Hellians. 

The pub held the World Shove Ha’Penny Championship from 1988 until about 1998.

It was acquired by Wadworth & Co. from Whitbread in the early 1990’s.

In 2007 a small museum was set up in the pub to commemorate Cheltenham born Brian Jones, legendary guitarist and founder member of the Rolling Stones. Brian used to frequent the Wheatsheaf in the early 1960’s when the skittle alley hosted Club 66. The pub still hosts live music sessions. It has a venue that can accommodate between 120 and 150 people.


Landlords at the Wheatsheaf Inn include:

1856 D.J. Crump – listed as a brewer

1885 James Charlton

1891 George Saunders

1902 Edward Salter

1903,1906 Ann Salter

1919 Tom Townsend

1926,1927 Edwad Salter

1939 Ernest Geo. Orviss

1953-1967 Henry Webley

1986, 2003 Roger and Mal Symms (previously at the Bisley House in Stroud, moved to the Wheatsheaf in December 1986)

2005 (Nov 29th) Maurice and Denise Dominey

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