The Wheatsheaf Inn was numbered 217 in 1870 which equates to 399 today. Chikenzos Piri Piri now has the address of 399 High Street, which is the building directly opposite the Shamrock (ex-Shakespeare) pub.

Mary Ann Kear was the owner of the Wheatsheaf Inn in 1891 with Mrs Sarah Kear in residence as landlady. The Wheatsheaf was licensed as a beer house, trading as a free house, and had an annual rateable value of £25.10s.0d.  The ownership of the property had been transferred by 1903 to J.B. Claridge who leased the Wheatsheaf to the Nailsworth Brewery. The rates per annum decreased by four pounds and five shillings to £21.5s.0d. in 1903.

The Wheatsheaf has long disappeared, closing in about 1923.

Landlords of the Wheatsheaf include:

1844 Thomas Kear

1870,1891 Mrs Sarah Kear

1903 William James Taylor

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