The Walnut Tree was a large brick built pub purposely built by Cheltenham Original Brewery in the 1930’s  for the residents of the Coney Hill estate. Although the pub was not architecturally inspiring it was of sound construction and featured both a bar and lounge bar. A West Country Ales ceramic plaque was inlaid in the wall on first floor level above the front bay windows. It was the only pub in Coney Hill estate. In the early 1990’s the pubs reputation had suffered because an irresponsible minority had driven the majority of its customers away. Whitbread should have installed strong management at the pub to drive the troublemakers away but they chose instead to apply for planning permission to pull down the pub and replace it with housing. Despite objections from city councillors Whitbread got their way by five votes to four because there were no planning grounds to oppose it. The bulldozers moved in and demolished the Walnut Tree in September 1996 – just seven years after Whitbread had invested £150,000 in refitting the pub!  The site of the Walnut Tree is now a housing development called Nut Croft.

Image: Mike Williams

The Citizen: Monday, 7th November, 1988 – Pub fracas: Gloucester police are investigating a disturbance at the Walnut tree pub in Coney Hill Road in which glasses were broken and tables overturned.

Citizen: Saturday August 24th 1991: The Walnut Tree pub in Coney Hill hosts a Bank Holiday jamboree on Monday. The event– kicking off at 11 am – will provide funds for local charities.

Owner in 1996: Whitbread Property

Landlords at the Walnut Tree include:

1939 Cecil James Smith

1957 William C. Peart

1979 Stan Cann

1993-1996 Gareth and Gill Bell

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