The Victory Hotel, on the corner of Tredworth High Street and Dulcie Street, was a large red bricked pub. In its last years of trading the Victory did not offer accommodation despite being called a hotel.

Image Courtesy Paul Best (Facebook)

The Victory Hotel was usually called the ‘Big Vic’ by locals to distinguish it with the New Victory which was further down Tredworth High Street. The ‘Big Vic’ had a double skittle alley.

In April 2004 Labour MP for Gloucester, Parmjit Dhanda, challenged Paul Bullock, the captain of the ‘Big Vic’s’ B team to a game of 501. The Victory Hotel was staging a darts tournament and four darts boards had been erected in the skittle alley. Despite not playing for years Parmjit managed to beat his experienced opponent. Parmjit Dhanda conceded that it was a fluke.

The Victory Hotel was once a thriving community pub and has raised much money for charitable causes.

The Victory Hotel was converted into a children’s nursery in 2019 after being bought in 2017.

Licensing Details:

Owner in 1998: Whitbread Pub Partnerships

Owner in 2007: Enterprise Inns

Landlords at the Victory Hotel include:

1859 James Shell (Victory, High Street)

1879 Henry Beckett (Victory, High Street)

1885 Milson Dorrington

1893 R.G. Cox (Victory, High Street)

1902 Mrs Susan Merrett

1906 John Radford

1919 Reginald Ross Mabley

1927,1936,1939 Henry George Kirby

1957 Wally Hancock

1998 Frank Matthews

2001,2007 Darren Maggs

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