The Victoria House was listed at 28 Lower Barton Street in the 1885 Kellys directory. The address later changed to 136 Barton Street. In 1957 it was referred to simply as the Victoria.

It changed its name to Molly Malone’s (an Irish music theme pub) in September 1990. There was half a JCB attached to a wall and a green Irish telephone box was dominant in the bar!

In 1995 it had a refurbishment and the interior was decorated in ‘Nouveau Victoriana’ style, complete with wall lamps and old-style adverts. It was renamed One Eyed Jacks. To the rear of the pub is a skittle alley. The pub is now a free house.

In August 2007 Pat Hurley, the landlady of One Eyed Jacks, became the ‘Mayor of Barton’ – a ‘mock mayor’ elected by the Court Leet of Barton St Mary to support and promote the local community in the Barton Street area.

Licensing Details:

Owner in 2007: Places Trading Ltd.

Landlords include:

1856,1859,1885 John Mann

1893 A.A. Johnston (Victoria, Barton Street)

1902 Thomas Morgan

1906 John Ellis Jones

1919 George Hopcraft

1927 James Jones

1936,1957 Hedley J. Walding

1972 George and Gladys Winn (George was chairman of the LVA in 1972,74)

1990 Mike O’Connell (Molly Malone’s)

1998 Dave O’Brien

1999 Alberto Gil

2005 Patricia O’Brien

2007 Patricia Hurley

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