Researching into the history of the Tufthorn Inn has been found to be difficult. The Tufthorn Inn is not mentioned by name in either the 1891or 1903 Gloucestershire licensing books, and nor does it appear in any contemporary Kelly’s or other local directories. In fact, the earliest reference seems to date back to only 1962 when it was acquired by the Cheltenham Brewery from the Stroud Brewery as that “messauge or Inn in Tufthorne Lane, Perry Grove Milkwall, near Coleford, known as the Tufthorne Inn with the outbuildings and land.”  A ‘missing pub’ in the licensing books can often be explained that at the time of enumeration the premises was simply entered as having ‘no name’, yet there are no such ‘no sign’ public houses listed within the Coleford division.  It is possible that Stroud Brewery Company purchased a property for conversion into licensed premises.


When 20-year-old Jack Crook took over as landlord of the Tufthorn in Christmas 2006 he was thought to be the youngest landlord in Gloucestershire. Jack, from Cinderford, started working in pubs as a waiter before taking on the Tufthorn Inn. Jack said in April 2006, “I’m already doing fairly well, but I want to start doing good food and re-open the restaurant.” When the dining room at the Tufthorn was last open at the turn of the millennium it included Spanish cuisine on the menu and was amusingly called the ‘El Patio Restaurant.’

Jack said, “Milkwall is a great village and I want the pub to be an important part of the community.”  The Tufthorn is a true local pub. Jack got the pub darts team up and running again.

Since the nearby Milkwall Social Club closed down in 2011, the Tufthorn Inn is the only place left in the village where locals can meet for a drink and a chat.


1946-1980 Bill and Phyllis Hughes

1990 Lynne Francis

2000 Juan Gorriz

2007 Jack Crook

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