72 Vauxhall Road in 1936 and 1957 references. The Trevor Arms, on the corner of Thomas Street, was a typical back street end of terrace local.

It is now a private house. The iron pub sign bracket remains but this is the only evidence that it was once a pub.

John Poulton, the landlord in late Victorian times, was a busy man. He was licensee at the Trevor Arms and was also employed as a shipwright at Gloucester Docks. Somehow he managed to find time to brew beer and make cider for the pub. His wife, Emma, must have run the pub in his absence.

July 2006

Arnold Perrett & Co. of Wickwar bought the Trevor Arms in 1901/2 and kept John and Emma as landlords. Johns parents, Ivor and Jessie Thornell, took over the Trevor Arms in 1920. In 1924 Arnold Perrett & Co amalgamated with the Cheltenham Original Brewery and the Trevor Arms became a ‘Chelt House’.

I received a message via the website from Dave Crowhurst, who kindly sent me his memories of the pub:
“I lived at 71 Vauxhall Rd, opposite the Trevor Arms, when I was a teenager in the late 60’s.
The landlords then were Mr & Mrs Gittings, I think they may have had the Pint Pot.
My uncle & aunty, Bill & Nell Moaby from Theresa Street, used to walk to the pub every Saturday evening.
I remember taking a piece of paper with a few coins over to the off-sales for a bet on the horses.  That was before bookies were legal.  I loved the smell of beer & cigarette smoke that wafted out.”

Licensing Details:

G Cummings provided materials for Home Brewed Beer

Owner in 1903: Arnold Perrett & Co., Wickwar Brewery

Owner in 1920: Cheltenham Original Brewery

Landlords at the Trevor Arms include:

1879,1893,1906 John Poulton

1920, 1939 Ivor and Jesse Thornell (Ivor died in 1939)

1957 John Thomas Ball

Late 1960’s Mr and Mrs Gittings (previously at the Locomotive Inn [Famous Pint Pot])

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