The Swallow was named after a class of sailing dinghy. It was built in 1959 by West Country Breweries. The pub sign had a sailing dinghy on one side and a bird on the other. 

In the 1970’s the lounge bar still had a strong nautical theme complete with overstrung  fishing nets and buoyancy aids.

Notice the two ‘Best in the West’ West Country Ales plaques either side of the front entrance.

In the 1990’s the Swallow Inn had a pets corner to entertain children in the garden. The bar was refurbished in 1998. The leasehold was offered in September 2001 for £45,000 with an 11 year lease. In May 2005 the Swallow Inn had become the Swallow Inn and Cantonese Restaurant

Landlords at the Swallow include:

1992 Jill and Euan ?

1998 June, Bill and Arthur ?

2000 Arthur Combe

2005 Yeun-Shan Chan

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