The Langton, a large Regency building, is a former preparatory school. The Langton was a Toby restaurant in 1998.

Vintage Inns part of Six Continents Retail (later to become Mitchell & Butlers) opened a’ traditional Country Pub restaurant’ called the Langton Horse at the end of April 2002.

In April 2005 a refurbishment restored the building ‘back to its beauty and splendour’ (their words, not mine). A review in the ‘weekend’ section of the ‘Gloucestershire Echo’ (July 2005) mentioned that the new ownership is ‘keen to shed it’s image as a carvery and beer pub’.

Image: Gloucestershire Echo. Presumably the official opening of the Langton.
Summer 2008
Spring 2018

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2001 Debbie Brown

2002 Greg Worrall

2003 Theresa Brimicombe

2004 Kim Hext (manager, Langton Horse)

2007 Dave Skinner (manager)

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