Listed as being at Waterloo Terrace in 1870. The Ten Bells, a small terraced pub, was listed as being at 65 Upper Bath Road in 1926, and latterly at 208 Bath Road (1939 Kellys). The Ten Bells called ‘last orders’ for the last time on April 18th 1964. The building was used as an Arnold Perrett off-licence in 1968.

William Batsford was the owner of the Ten Bells in 1891 but he leased it to the Cheltenham Original Brewery. It was a licensed beer house and had an annual rateable value of £21.5s.0d. Twelve years later the Original Brewery had purchased the Ten Bells outright and the annual rateable value had decreased by four pounds and five shillings to £17.0s.0d. The reason for the rate reduction in 1903 is not known.


Landlords at the Ten Bells include:

1870 George Bartlett (Ten Bells, Waterloo Terrace)

1878 J. Hodges

1891,1903 George Carter

1907 Arthur Osmond Cleeveley and Kate Matilda Cleeveley

1910 Ernest Charles Creswell

1913 Frank and Elizabeth Lawrence

1926 Charles Henry Hopkins

1926, 1939 John Henry Holland (John was 57 years old in 1926)

1950 Jim Holland (Jim was the son of John who died in 1949)

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