The Sun Inn was once a sizeable posting house in the centre of Tewkesbury. To the rear of the inn were stables and a brew house.

In the middle of the 19th century the area to the east of the High Street (now Oldbury Road) became increasingly important as a manufacturing and light industrial area. There were also a number of workers houses in the area. The main access from the Oldbury to Tewkesbury High Street was through a narrow passageway called Sun Alley. In 1859 a description of the Sun Inn mentions a private carriageway between the High Street and the Oldbury. The Sun Inn was demolished to facilitate the widening of this thoroughfare. During the course of the work human remains were found just beneath the surface of the Sun Inn yard.

Map Reference: SO 894330

Landlords at the Sun Inn include:

1830 John Insall

1856 D. Kitton

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