The address is given as 8 Suffolk Parade in the 1891 Cheltenham Post Office Directory.

George Richard Stibbs, of the Albion Steam Brewery in Albion Street, was the owner of the Suffolk Stores in 1891. It was licensed as a beer house but had a six-day licence, so it was presumably closed on Sundays. After take-over of Stibbs’s Steam Brewery in 1898, Cheltenham Original Brewery became the new owners of the Suffolk Stores. The annual rateable value of £25.10s.0d. in 1891 decreased slightly by three pounds and five shillings to £21.5s.0d. in 1903.

Landlords / Keepers of the Suffolk Stores include:

1878 George Stibbs

1891 Elizabeth Jones

1903 Dinah Thomas

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