Although no longer a pub the Step Aside Inn has hardly altered in its appearance for a century or so. It is a twin gabled whitewashed building.

Gloucester Journal: December 1st, 1883 – Lydney Court: Charles Hopkins, a shipper, employed at Lydney Docks, was charged with drunkeness on licensed premises, the Step-a-side beerhouse, Lydney, kept by James Sandford, on the night of October 29th. Mr J. James defended. The case was before the Bench a very long time. It was contended for the defence that defendant was not drunk, whilst for the prosecution it was emphatically sworn he was drunk. The chairman said the Bench had decided to adjourn the case.

The Step-a-side Inn was owned by Mary Ann Atkinson in 1891 and 1903 and the annual rateable value for the licensed beer house was £15.7s.0d. The pub was leased to Samuel Fisher Barnard of the Feathers Hotel and, together with his brother John, their beers (Barnard Bros.) were supplied to the Step Aside. Closing time was at 11 pm.

The Step Aside Inn was acquired by the Arnold Perrett’s Wickwar brewery and, in 1937, passed to the ownership of the Cheltenham Original Brewery.

The Step-a-side finally called ‘last orders’ in May 1970.

Landlords at the Step Aside Inn include:

1883 James Sandford

1891,1903 John Camm

1939 John E. Sandford (landlord for 30 years. His son, Albert, died in late August 1983. After his father’s death Albert took over the family’s general stores in Queen Street which he also ran for more than 30 years before his retirement.)

1960 Mr Craddock

1961 C.J. Kyte (moved out after Whitbread closed the pub in May 1970)

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