The Gloucester Journal reported on 14th March 1908 that the Star Inn ‘contained a bar, smoke room and a kitchen which was used by customers when needed. Stabling for sixteen horses which was used on market days.’

The Star Inn was owned by the Cheltenham Original Brewery in 1908 – one of only two pubs in Gloucester to sell Cheltenham beers at that time. The Brewster Sessions of February of that year heard that the local magistrates had objected to the license as ‘it was not required to meet the wants of the neighbourhood’. The Star Inn was by the corporation weighing machine on the Quay.

Owner in 1908: Cheltenham Original Brewery

Landlords at the Star Inn include:

1830 Harriet Yates

1833,1846 George Beard (listed as an innkeeper and coal merchant in 1844)

1851 Elizabeth Beard (aged 38, widow of George who died c.l846)

1856 J. Clift

1879,1885 William Fryer Washbourne

1902 Edwin Ravenhill

1906 Alfred Cockburn

1907 W.H. Jones

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