On the corner of Quay Street and Red Lane, by the old Healings Mill, there is a brick building that looks as if it might have once been a pub. This, in fact, was the purpose built offices of the milling business and has never traded as a pub. However, before this building was built in the 1930’s the site had been occupied by the Star Inn. The last reference to the Star Inn was in 1879. The Star Inn might have been demolished fifty years or more before the Mill Offices were constructed on the site. 

Map Reference: SO 894329

Landlords at the Star Inn include:

1830 William Dewsbury

1856,1868 William Ricketts

1774-1775 Edward Smith

1775-1778 William Smith

1778-1780 Samuel Johns

1780-1785 Edward Smith

1785-1787 John Yeates

1787-1792 John Brown

1792-1794 John Hobbs

1794-1795 Thomas Milton

1795-1796 Nicholas Mann

1796-1803 John New

1803-1808 John Jeynes

1808-1816 Humphrey Brown

1816-1820 John Martin

1820,1823 Hannah Martin (widow)

1841 Thomas Whitehouse

1841-1842 William Hammerton

1842-1843 Thomas Wager

1843,1845 Francis White

1852 William Clayton

1852,1869 William Ricketts

1876 J.H. Thacker

1879 Thomas Davies

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