Located just off the High Street on the junction of Regent Street and County Court Road.

William Aplin is recorded as being the owner of the Star Hotel in 1891. It was leased to the Cheltenham Original Brewery Company. The annual rateable value of the Star Hotel at the time of the licensing returns was £78.0s.0d. and it was classified as an ale house. Twelve years later the details had changed considerably. In 1903 Edwin Augustus Trapnell is listed as owner-occupier and the annual rates had increased by forty-nine pounds and ten shillings to £127.10s.0d. The lease had either expired or been voluntarily relinquished as in 1903, according to the records,  the Star Hotel was trading free from brewery tie.  

The Star was a popular Berni Inns eating hostelry in the late 1970’s / early 1980’s.

In more recent years it changed its name to JD Peppers, then Peppers café bar. It had another refurbishment in the Spring of 2005 and opened as Copa.

Landlords at the Star Hotel include:

1856,1859 Charles Scott

1870 John Mustoe

1878,1883 Mrs Agnes C. Mustoe (aged 55 in 1881)

1881 Charles Sallis was living at the Star Hotel.

1885 William Hy. Brimmell

1891 Charles Wright

1902,1903 Edwin Augustus Trapnell

1906 Tom A. Brooks

1919,1927 Bertram Glendower Evans

1999 Raphael Mercurio (manager, JD Peppers)

2005 Cherrie Danbridge (moved from Tailors in Cambray)

2006 Erica Loader (Copa)

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