48 St. Georges Vaults in 1939 Kellys Directory.  St Georges Vaults is on the eastern side of St. Georges Place near the Clarence Street crossroads.

Charles H. Whitmore was the owner of the St Georges Wine Vaults in 1891 and 1903. The property was leased to the Cheltenham Original Brewery. Classified as a beer house it had an annual rateable value of £25.10s.0d. which remained constant during those twelve years spanning the licensing records.

Above images courtesy Mary Gyseman

Courtesy Michael Wilkes

Roger and Sue Bishop were long standing licensees at the St Georges Vaults. They left in November 2007 after spending 24 years at the pub and were well known for their charity raising activities, particularly for Cotswold Hospital Radio.

Note the reflection of the library in the glass building to the left.

Landlords at the St. Georges Vaults include:

1883, 1919 James Browning

1926,1939 Arthur William Simmons

1983-November 2007 Roger and Sue Bishop

2007 Derek Barnes

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