79 Southgate Street in the 1906 Kellys directory. An earlier reference to the Squirrel Inn gives the address as Littleworth.

The Squirrel Inn may have been in the property which became Sanis Pizza take-away.

The Squirrel Inn was located between the British Flag (now Tall Ships) and the Nelson Inn. It was a tied house of Arnold Perrett & Co. Ltd., Wickwar Brewery. The modern day address equates to 150 Southgate Street. In 1974 the premises was occupied by R.M. Francis, a photographer.

Landlords of the Squirrel Inn include:

1830 James Fisher

1856 Mrs E. Maysey

1870 George Bick

1879 Harriett Niblett

1885 Ethelbert B. Salisbury

1902 Harriett Drew

1906 William Dancey

1907 T.J. Allen

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