The Gloucestershire Echo reported on 11th July 1907: “Walter T. Lewis of the Spread Eagle was charged with supplying drink to drunken persons on June 10th. A big fine of £5 and costs of £1.5s.2d. One woman found on the premises went to the Spread Eagle at 2.30p.m. She was in the private room. The woman in question got so drunk that she fell asleep on the floor and was carried out to sit in a shed where she remained until 5 or 6 o’clock”.

The Spread Eagle closed in 1964 and later demolished.  It was situated near the Winston Churchill Memorial Gardens to the east of the railway line. The approximate site of the pub is near the present-day location of Alexander Burn Funeral Directors (436 High Street)

Godsell & Sons of the Salmon Springs Brewery near Stroud owned the Spread Eagle as early as 1883. Godsell’s would have remained as owners until the family brewery was voluntarily taken over by Stroud Brewery In 1928. The Spread Eagle was licensed as a beer house and throughout the twelve years from 1891 to 1903 the annual rateable value was constant at £21.5s.0d.

Landlords at the Spread Eagle Inn include:

1870 Thomas Bellew

1878 William Morris

1891 William Turner

1903 Charles Henry Painter

1907 Walter T. Lewis

1926 Mrs Kate E. Piff (beer retailer)

1939,1955 Charles Frederick Tanner

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